Turning Kicks

Turning Kicks / Back leg:

Low Turning Kick:

Low Turning Kick / Back Leg:

Fighting style turning kicks is a great way to exercise your legs, test your balance, get an aerobic and cardiovascular workout and learn a little bit about martial arts (if you're new to all this). The key element on fighting style turning kicks is speed, not just of execution (i.e. as you kick out) but also of the retraction of the leg, which helps workout the antagonistic muscle groups (i.e. the ones that stabilise the execution of the kick and help recover the leg to its starting position). Plus the constant change of position as you alternate legs helps you develop your footwork.

What's involved: Quads, side hip flexors, adductors, lower abs, lateral abs, calves, hamstrings and (if you do this for some time) cardiovascular and aerobic (VO2 Max) systems. 

Powered by: Quads, lower abs, lateral abs.  

Tip: Kick at the maximum comfortable height where you can still feel power in your kick. Do not lock the knee joint out, instead flick the leg out and back in again. This helps you develop speed in your kicks and prevents the knee joint from excessive wear and tear.