There is no such thing as magic, as far as we can prove it, but being able to surf the endless horizons of the digital web and having access to the entire world - all of its knowledge, experience and wisdom at our fingertips, is as close to magic as we can get. It’s something we often take for granted when in fact it’s as precious as water and air. For many of us, it’s what feeds and sustains our minds and determines the course of our lives.

Nowadays, we spend most of our time online. We are all citizens of the digital space and we are all connected. All our experiences, thoughts and even feelings make up this magnificent world. It’s what it’s made of - and we are all contributing to what it will become. Everything we take and everything we give back shapes it, in real time. We all have a say in what it will eventually grow into by not just actively giving back to the ever-growing knowledge base but also by where we choose to spend our time and what services and initiatives we choose to access and support.

We all have a say in the quality of the web of tomorrow.

We control what we choose to see, read and experience online. We vote with every click. We contribute to the overall quality of the Internet even when we are not actively adding materials or knowledge. And we all have a say in what this experience is going to be a year, ten or 50 years from now.

There is a lot to be grateful and appreciative for here. What would your life look like if the internet didn’t exist? What it would look like if some of the places you favor the most on the web were never created? What would it be like if they went away?

We all have a say in how the web develops. We decide what websites go down and what type of websites rise by the amount of time we spend on them, by clicking (or not) on ads or buying products and accessing services they offer. That’s how we weigh in.

If we want to have quality experience going forward we need to make our voices heard and cast our votes mindfully. We are responsible for the internet of tomorrow because we decide which websites gain popularity and which websites slowly fade into the background noise and eventually populate internet archives. Websites rise, websites fall but the web never stops. It keeps on spinning and we surf through its pages and shape it as we go.

The internet of tomorrow, whether it’s going to be full of ads and meaningless clickbait articles or whether it’s going to have quality content and useful materials, is in our hands. We have that power. The websites we make, the websites we visit, the websites we support are the websites that will be here tomorrow.

And that’s why at DAREBEE we believe in the quality of experience while you are here and the quality of materials we create. We take pride in everything we bring out and every single page here is precious to us. This website is a tribute to what we believe the internet should look and feel like - everywhere. And everyone who contributes to it whether it’s their hard work and time, their expertise or donations - we make this happen, we give this beautiful thing life and we keep it alive. It’s something to be proud of and this is our contribution to the quality of the Internet of Tomorrow.

Today, right now, we are making a difference. We just have to make sure it’s the difference towards the future we want to see and truly be part of.