Start a Local Workshop

DAREBEE Local Workshops are free fitness classes anyone can set up and run for their friends, family or a local community. It’s an alternative for everyone who cannot afford to join a gym and/or needs a support network in their area. If you are able to organize the place and run it, you can start one today and help people who wouldn’t be able to exercise otherwise and make new friends!

At DAREBEE we want to make fitness accessible to everyone, regardless of circumstances, worldwide - and you can help make it happen. Anyone can set up a DAREBEE workshop, fitness experience is advisable but not necessary. All DAREBEE materials have already been tested, each workshop simply implements them and provides a place for people to come and train together. If you are a fitness professional it will certainly help but, as long as you are familiar with the DAREBEE routines and the exercises, any DAREBEE workshop can be organized by a fitness enthusiast. 

All DAREBEE workshops must be free to attend. They can be organized through community centers or in your own backyard, after hours at a local school or at a local gym willing to support the initiative. Since DAREBEE workouts are no-equipment based and all fitness levels-suitable, all a workshop requires is a space where you can meet and exercise.

We believe that fitness is not the privilege of the select few, fitness is a right. Everyone should have access to it, everyone should be able to exercise and have a place they can go and find support. It is our hope that we can make it happen, that together we can create no strings-attached places where anyone can set all their worries aside, just exercise with their friends and neighbours and come together as a community. One workshop is just a spark but together we can light up the world!

If you feel that you can take this up, download the manual and get started.

If you have any further questions or are not sure about something specific, you can reach out to us and we will be happy to help.