Build your fitness level on your terms. Exercise science shows you don't have to exhaust yourself with hours of daily, heavy exercise in order to trigger the cellular adaptation responses that make you get stronger and feel healthier. What you do need is consistency in your workouts, exercises you can perform at any level of fitness and fitness routines that are actually fun to do. The 200 Easy Workouts are specially formulated to help you build your fitness level the moment you start doing them.

Easy-to-follow visual workouts on every page allow you to find the perfect workout to fit your situation and mood.

The 200 Easy Workouts are specially formulated to be accessible and fun.

The easy-to-follow, visual approach and three-levels system puts you in complete control of your fitness.

  • No more worrying about finding time to exercise (do it any time you want).
  • No more worrying about gym clothes (exercise in your underwear).
  • No more gym memberships (save your money for other things).
  • And no more worrying about equipment or space (you need zero of the first and remarkably little of the second).
  • No more feeling exhausted after exercise (find your level and adjust your workouts at your pace).
  • No more having to change your life to get fit (pick workouts to suit your mood and inclination).
  • Exercise even when watching TV (specially designed sofa workouts and workouts for tendons and neck make it easy to do so).
  • Progress when you are ready, not before (you have total control. Pick the workout you want. Advance at your own pace).

Your body is where you live. The Darebee 200 Easy Workouts let you find your own way to making it the best version possible, for you, completely on your terms.

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