Girl, You've Got This! is a DAREBEE fitness book that contains over 150 workouts specifically designed to help you get fitter, faster, at home.

Girl. You Got This! gives you 150 workouts that help you get fitter, be healthier and feel stronger. They take the guesswork out of your exercise regime. They give you something to do that fits with how you feel at the time. They contain both no-equipment and equipment workouts. They target strength and stability, posture and tone, flexibility and agility to put you in control of your health and fitness.

Reclaim your strength, balance, coordination and energy. Transform your body and your mind with field-tested workouts that have helped thousands all over the world. Regain control of your body and your life.

Learn how to:

  • Work out every day, at your level and pace
  • Pick a workout that fits your mood and inclination
  • Work on different physical attributes each time you exercise
  • Feel younger, stronger, healthier and more capable than ever before
  • Combat boredom and lack of inspiration with our complete workouts

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