Program by DAREBEE

TEN is a 30-day no-equipment fitness program that only takes 10 minutes a day to complete. Each day is a circuit you do on repeat until the time is up. There are no high impact exercises or push-ups, the program is suitable for all fitness levels and ages.

The program is general fitness oriented. The circuits consist of high burn and streamline routines, tone and strength workouts, ab days and days with tendon strength focus. Although there are no rest times in the program you can take short breaks to catch your breath when and if you need to.

TEN is not designed to be done as quickly as possible although you can choose to do it this way. You can turn each workout into an HIIT session but you can also do it at your own pace. You can even turn a TV on while you do it and watch a show so long as you keep on moving until the 10 minutes are up. Your goal is to put in the time, every day for 30 days. 

Tip: If you use the built-in timer for the program on your mobile, make sure you increase “screen on” time for your device. Some browsers on some devices stop browser scripts after the device goes to sleep.


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